Google Diversity Row Raises Problem of ‘Thought Crime’ Ignored by Transhumanists

Google engineer James Damore was dismissed from the company for penning a paper on ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber’. The paper complained about the left-leaning and politically correct bias of the company culture of Google, and infamously highlighted the ‘gender gap’, and efforts to redress it, as an example of this.

“When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Google’s left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence. This silence removed any checks against encroaching extremist and authoritarian policies.”

While the MSM such as CNN has gloated over the dismissal of the ‘sexist’ employee, contrarians have pointed out the alarming freedom of speech issues the matter has raised. If a Google employee can be dismissed and publicly branded in this way for speaking ‘wrong’ thoughts, how can we trust the search engine to be a neutral portal of online information and ideas? And further, how can we trust it with the knowledge it has about our thoughts and beliefs?

But most of the participants in this debate are only vaguely aware that these issues are going to e magnified a hundredfold in the coming decades, as A.I., led perhaps primarily by Google, advances alongside with the continual blurring of the separation between the individual and the net, the offline and the online, and private thought and public expression. Of any segment of society, transhumanists are and should be aware of these issues.

I suspect that perhaps the majority of Google’s male employees silently sympathise with or outright share the views of James Damore. Male nerd online culture has spawned 4Chan, the Manosphere, the alt-right etc. I doubt if the demographic of Google employees could be so at odds with this. The political correctness of Google comes from the management culture, financially motivated by the need to keep on good terms with the global political establishment, as well as presenting a politically correct face to the mainstream media that Google has done so much to disrupt.

However, this male nerd un-pc culture is evidently not widespread in the transhumanist community. I’ll explore why this is many times on this blog, but I suspect it’s due to the quasi-religious element of (lazy) transhumanism, and political correctness being the dominant secular quasi religion of the day. But the important point is that it’s imperative that transhumanism does not become an even more rabidly politically correct echo chamber shouting down and ostracizing any voices that challenge the dominant social orthodoxy. This is because transhumanists above all recognize the technological revolutions that are happening and the impact they will have upon the private and public realms, with companies like Google having almost (or actual) God like powers to peer into the souls of men.

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