Advances in CGI Point the Way Forward

Sexbots are attracting a lot of attention recently, but it’s likely virtual reality will be the avenue in which men’s fantasies finally reach the point of being better than the real thing. Sexbots will be bulky, wildly expensive, and relatively crude for a long time to come. Even when they finally reach the market, they will likely remain the preserve of the wealthy few, just as luxury sex dolls are now. Not only will they demand a big bank balance to purchase, they will also require a big home to keep them in – as well as the owner to be single. Virtual reality requires only a headset, eventually only glasses and ultimately nothing at all (images will be beamed directly into the viewer’s eyes). For haptic sensations and real virtual sex, not much more than a sophisticated ‘sex suit’ will be required.

And virtual reality is coming along quickly. Although shot currently with real actresses/actors in 3D stereo, the future is likely to be CGI and/or lightfield technology, combined with Aritifical Intelligence. The following (non-erotic) Japanese video highlights the advances made in CGI and gives a glimpse of what is coming.

This schoolgirl is not real, she is CGI

CGI is getting better and better!

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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