A Libertarian Conservatism is the Natural Outlook of Transhumanism

It is my belief that a libertarian form of conservatism should be the natural outlook of a transhumanist. Why?

Libertarianism because physical and mental modification through the choices of the individual requires a libertarian society.

Conservatism because transhumanism is dependent upon the continuation of scientific progress, which itself is dependent upon the survival of a relatively stable civilization.

I will be expanding upon these ideas in the coming weeks. It’s also necessary for me to defend again the title of this blog – alt-transhumanism. Since I chose the title last year, the loose, amorphous online movement termed ‘the alt-right’ has been thrust into the media spotlight with the election of Donald Trump. That movement has also, rightly or wrongly, been given a lot of negative attention, particularly with its alleged association with some ‘extreme’ right wing groups and thinkers. Although I have myself taken part in the wider ‘manosphere’ over the last decade, my thinking at the time of choosing the ‘alt-transhumanism’ label was simply that the current transhumanist community is far too biased towards the left, and this has never made much sense to me for the brief reasons outlined above. I may choose a different title at some point, but for now, why I try to be more active here and attract my first readers, I’ll stick with it.

Modern Educayshun

I was recently leafing through one of the most up-to-date GCSE Biology guides. In the section devoted to nutrition it outlines brief reasons for the obesity epidemic in the UK. Along with a poorly balanced diet with too much fat and insufficient exercise, the guide lists ‘poor body image – especially amongst girls’. This piece of feminist dogma, the result of advocacy research, is presented as a hard scientific fact in a revision guide for the national biology exam taken by 16 year olds in the UK.

The same day I saw the following YouTube video in my Facebook feed – a short satirical take on the politically correct culture that has taken over Academia and increasingly the school system. It was created by a young Australian comedian over a year ago but seems to have only recently gone viral on Facebook. It’s quite brilliant.