The need for an alt-transhumanism community

It seems to me a peculiarity that most of the transhumanist community is decidedly ‘progressive’ in political outllook.  There seems to me no obvious reason why this should be the case.

I guess one might suppose a natural connection between an outlook based upon a positive view of the progress of technology and a ‘progessive’ view of politics and social justice.  The fallacy here is in assuming a connection between the relentless march of technological progress and human progress, in particular moral progres.  This assumption, the bedrock of humanism itself and thus perhaps unavoidably present in transhumanism, has been sublimely critiqued by the philosopher John Gray

Note that I tend to put the word progress in parentheses. Yes, I am very much sceptical of both the idea of the inevitibility of moral progress, and the assumption found in most transhumanists online that left-wing ideals represent moral progress.  To be blunt, I am politically incorrect.  Although I do not question that values such as tolerance and equality are noble ideals, I do doubt that the ‘progressive’ movements that claim to espouse them are themselves tolerant or fair, in fact, they are more akin to intolerant political fascism, and their fight for ‘social justice’ usually amounts to the promotion of victim culture and hatred of heterosexual white males, in particular, poor white males.

This site aims to rectify this situation in the belief that there is nothing inherently contradictory in holding ‘politically incorrect’ views and transhumanist ideals.  Indeed, if we all long to survive to see the arrival of true transhumanism, we need honest and open scrutiny of a political consensus that appears to be blindly engaging in social engineering, such as the welcoming of mass Third World immigration into the West, the majority of whom come from cultures that have changed little since the 7th century.  I regard myself as a libertarian, not a conservative, however I hold that Western values are superior to most or all others.  I am also an invidualist and anti-government, and believe that this is consistant with the essential idea of transhumanism, which is the belief in the positive use of technology to allow teh individual to escape the shackles of both his biological and social constraints as a human animal.